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Bank Cottage
The Rhydd
Mob: 07903 437537
Tel: 01905 451279

Peace and quiet...
I very rarely write reviews but felt compelled to this time since this is the bst UK holiday home I have ever stayed in! Alison is so welcoming and helpful when you arrive at the cottage and she has gone out of her way to ensure that all home comforts are included. I would highly recommend Bank Cottage to anyone looking for a peaceful break away from it all...

Julie T

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The cottage was formerly used by the then-current (pun intended) ferry man and is located right on the river bank, 20 metres from the River Severn. The garden runs parallel with the river and we have 70 metres of fishing and mooring rights. A new jetty and slipway have recently been constructed with safe access down to the water's edge. We are in a location of outstanding wildlife and in a select rural location. The opposite bank of the river is the flood plain and there are no buildings easily visible which makes for spectacular rural views across the river, ideal for nature-loving people who just want to relax looking at a quintessentially British landscape and watch the boats passing by and who want an interesting yet very restful holiday.

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